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Recorded in March 2013 in Gournay sur Marne with Maxime Smadja.
Mastered in Chicago by Carl Saff.
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released May 21, 2013


all rights reserved



HORROR VACUI Montpellier, France

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Track Name: Fill The Void
I was empty and broken, at times kind of sad having nothing to offer but cold and sour flesh. Flesh, flesh, how do you like flesh? I am raw, please cook me up, dear please, desert's nights are so cold. Consume me just like there is no tomorrow. Love? You don't look like love. Let's get things clear, I've got nothing to give. I've tried my luck, I'm sorry it was you. You gave me colours, made me feel desirable. Grateful for the moments we had, but it had nothing to do with love. I was just filling a void.
Track Name: Wardog
Get wrecked, take aim, kill and get killed, no one really knows why. These teasers were so fucking killer. I guess this is where the action is. Fastforward the tape. Now he blows up in your face. Guts and blood all around. Over your dead body. Hear that «eeeeeeee»? That's the sound of your meat threw to the dogs. Legless heroes make their war cross shines. Let's say you saved it all. Destroy everything. Erase everything. Boy don't overthink about it, when you gotta shoot, don't think. Those pills calm the night terrors. This gun will get them out of your head.
Track Name: Homeland and cycles
Home is where your place belongs, not where you've been raised. How blind is your fear? Here I am. I guess I just grew up here. Is there something that I should be proud of? Tell me. I wish your country get spoiled by the World Bank so you can't even feed your children. I wish your house to get bombed by the U.S., so maybe you'll finally show some empathy. "My home, my town, my city"... Fuck your rejection. It's a question of cycle. Bleeding knees. Our turn will come.
Track Name: From the rooftops
From the rooftops, happiness passing in front of me. So bad I just can see. I'll tear down this wall, I'll tear down this wall. There's nothing here but dead grass and sadness, you've spoiled all the rest. And from these ashes nothing will rise but hatred and fear. Stones, gunshots and bombs. Tell me how I'm supposed to grow... There's nothing here but dead grass and sadness, you've spoiled all the rest. We'll take back our land. We'll take back our lives.
Track Name: Perfecting misanthropy
I spit on your condescendence, I vomit your laugh. Not a doubt, not a second guessing, your Earth is flat. Well burst your eyes, burst your ears and burn the leftovers. Useless five senses for a senseless existence. I am not specist, but some pigs are smarter than you. I'd respect your choices if you could make some. I won't even waste my breath, so keep thinking I'm a fool and go fucking die.
Track Name: The devil cries just the same - part 1
Something quite cold and melancholic, beauty of the finnish silence in the air. Love the way you say things straight, I'm done with their featureless speaches. Tonight I'll cry with the devil.
Take me where the sun never rises. Take me where the sun never sets.
Dark cynic spasm, barely hide the tears. Black humor coolness, ice shapened hearts, fragile and pure. [Thank you for saving me]
Track Name: How low can a punk get?
How fake is the image you're trying to stick with. Symbols, lies, gimmicks for the youth culture. I'm sick of the way you try to make it your's. You just can't get it, you never will. Burn, choke, suicide, you fucking sell out. Prostituing your music to the shittiest sponsors, how cool is that? And you're so proud of you. In your quest for fame, it's seems ok being cheap. Well please excuse me if we don't share the same views. You make me sick and tired... How low can a punk get? Don't expect me to applause.
Track Name: Pick your king
Convince yourself it can make a change. Blame me when I don't give a fuck. Please tell me how politics work. I can't wait to hear the same words. I'm totally convinced by your amazing eloquance? Resignated to the choice of the fucking least worst. You've turn your back? You make me sick, admit you just called it quits. You ain't know shit, you shouldn't vote, shut the fuck up. The smartest trick of the new tyrans is to convince people of their freewill. There ain't no freedom strangled by the hands of the free market system. A good king is a dead king. Off with their heads. A good king is a dead king. All leaders are bastards.
Track Name: The devil cries just the same - part 2
I was choking on their lies. Oh false idols, die. Not a word seems to be really honest, not a move is made without interest. I see quite clear through these shiny facades. Your smile is nothing but a lie. Always have a nice word, cute, funny and smart. I'd stab your children with a knife. Preaching for love, crawling for gold, nothing but vermin. I am your Saviour. I am your God. Bow. This is the American way.

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